Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati in it’s 23nd incarnation presents to you another edition of it’s very own debate tournament, The IIT Guwahati Parliamentary Debate.


Asian format

Debate will be held in 3v3 Asian Parliamentary Debate format

N+1 Rule

N+1 rule will be strictly followed for adjudicator slots

Attractive Prizes

Prizes worth Rs 1,18,000 to be won in total

The IITG Parliamentary Debate

Though we are a new emerging organisers in Debating Circuit, We have had participation from some of the best debating societites of india in our tournament.

We have had a good core adjudiactors and invited adjudicators in our deabting tournament instead of being a novice in the circuit. Last year, we had a thrilling deabte tournament with teams across all over india and a notified adjudication core.

This year, We have taken a leap. Instead of being a novice in organising circuit, We guarantee you one of the best Debating tournament with a star-studded core and a highly competitive deabting. We promise a large number of subsidised adjudicators and a sufficient number of competent adjudicators to have the best experiences for teams. This would be a tournament that’ll rise upto a mark and will get a constant place in deabting calendar of India. So, please come and deabte, you’ll make memories and share experiences of the tournament.

Adjudicator Core IITG PD '18

Tushar Kanakagiri

Ranked 31st - Asian Championships 2015, Bali – Indonesia.
Participated - Asian Championships 2014, Kuching- Malaysia.
Invited Judge to shortlist Debaters to represent Christ University.
Champion: Indian Law School PD
Finals- India Diplomacy Debate 2014, 8th Mile Debate, Central Vigilance Committee Debate 2015
Semi- Finals - ILS PD 2014, IIT-Madras, PD 2014, Christ University PD 2016 Quarter-Finals – ILS PD 2016, NLS-D 2016, Hansraj 2015, VITDT 2014, Octo-Finals - Indian National Debate Championship.

Anish Ravishankar

Winner - NLS Parliamentary Debate, Bangalore 2017
Winner - MIT DT, Manipal 2017
Finalist at Christ University 2017, Stella Maris Chennai 2017, SDIO Bangalore 2017
Semi Finalist at ILS Pune 2014, IITB 2015, Christ 2016, Stella Maris 2016, MSRM PD 2016, PESD 2016, 2017 and VIT DT 2016
Member of adjudication core at INLU PD 2017, RVDT 2017, MIT DT 2017, Ramaiah IV 2016
Other Judging Achievements : Novice finals, RVDT 2016, Semifinals RVDT 2016, Quarter Finals ILS 2015, Breaking Adj NLS PD 2015

Chaitali Sinha

Core Adjudicator at CNLU 2017, ULGULAN PD 2016, GNLU 2015, AUPD 2015, IWDC 2015, Axiom 2012 and Wax Eloquent 2014
The third Best Adjudicator at Thadani 2014, Second Best Adjudicator at NLIU 2014, Third Best Adjudicator at Wax Eloquent 2013, Fourth Best Adjudicator at FTD 2013, Fifth Best Adjudicator at Vivaad 2013
Finalist at INDC 2014, FTD (Kirori Mal College) 2013 and Wax Eloquent 2013 (As an Adjudicator)
Semi-finalist at GGS Freshers' 2012 and Vivaad (IP College for Women) 2013
Quarter-finalist at KMC Freshers' 2012, GGS Freshers' 2013, IP Freshers' 2013 and Reserve Break at Mukh Mem 2013

Sparshith Sampath

Winner, IIT Madras PD 2014
Winner, ILS PD 2015
Winner, SLS PD 2015
Finals, MCC 2013, MSRIT 2014, Gokhale PD 2014, VIT DT 2014, SMC PD 2012 and Christ PD 2014
Semi-Finalist, Malaysian Debating Tournament.(Best Record by an Indian team till date)
Best Adjudicator, NLU Bhopal PD and Best Speaker, SLS PD 2015
Core Adjudicator, RVDT 2014, SMC PD 2015 and MSRMPD 2015

Adjudicator Core 2019 to be released soon. Stay Tuned !!

The Team

Prabhjot Singh Gill

Convener, IITG PD '19

Registration Fee

Team Registration

Rs 2400 per team

Adjudicator Registration

Rs 800 per person

Accommodation Charges

Rs 800 per head for 4 days


Best Speaker Award

Worth Rs. 12,000


Worth Rs. 80,000

Best Adjudicaor Award

Worth Rs. 12,000