Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati in it’s 23nd incarnation presents to you another edition of it’s very own debate tournament, The IIT Guwahati Parliamentary Debate.


Asian format

Debate will be held in 3v3 Asian Parliamentary Debate format

N+1 Rule

N+1 rule will be strictly followed for adjudicator slots

Attractive Prizes

Prizes worth Rs 1,20,000 to be won in total

The IITG Parliamentary Debate

Though we are a new emerging organisers in Debating Circuit, We have had participation from some of the best debating societites of india in our tournament.

We have had a good core adjudiactors and invited adjudicators in our deabting tournament instead of being a novice in the circuit. Last year, we had a thrilling deabte tournament with teams across all over india and a notified adjudication core.

This year, We have taken a leap. Instead of being a novice in organising circuit, We guarantee you one of the best Debating tournament with a star-studded core and a highly competitive deabting. We promise a large number of subsidised adjudicators and a sufficient number of competent adjudicators to have the best experiences for teams. This would be a tournament that’ll rise upto a mark and will get a constant place in deabting calendar of India. So, please come and deabte, you’ll make memories and share experiences of the tournament.

Adjudicator Core IITG PD '19

Asif Mehedi Adi

Open Semi-finalist, ABP 2017
9th breaking team, ABP 2018
Open Octo-finalists, UADC 2018
ESL Quarterfinalst, Australs 2018
Champion - NLUO PD 2016
Champion and best speaker- NSU IV 2017
Champion and best speaker- CU FBDA 2017
Champion and best speaker- EWU IV 2017
Champion and best speaker- NDDC invitational 2017
Champion and best speaker - Bangladesh Debating Council Pro-Ams 2017
Champion- IUB Wordplay 2017
Champion- BRAC IV 2016
Champion- BUET IV 2016
Champion - Corporate Open 2016
Champion- IUB Wordplay 2016
Bangladesh National School Debating Championship (Pre-WSDC) - Champion in 2013 and 2014
Top breaking team, Runners up - NUJS 2018
AWSDC 2014, open quarter-finalists as Team Bangladesh
Represented Team Bangladesh at world schools debating championship (wsdc) in 2014 and 2015
Holder of record number of school championships in Bangladesh debate till date
Coach of Bangladesh National Debate Team - ( 2017 & 2018)
3rd best judge and Open Finals judge, MDO 2018
6th best judge, Malaysia Debate Open 2017
2nd best judge at Christ PD 2018 and open finals judge
Breaking adj at Asian World Schools Debating Championship 2017
Best judge- Ascension 2016
Best judge - EWU IV 2016

Achitha Jacob

Winner - IIT-Bombay 2013 [BP]
Grand Finalist & best speaker - GLC 2017 [BP] >> Pro-Am team with younger woman debater
Grand Finalist & 2nd best speaker - IWDC 2017 [BP] >> Pro-Am team with novice woman debater
Grand Finalist & 8th best speaker - VIT 2015 [BP]
Grand Finalist & 6th best speaker - Nalsar 2014 [BP]
Grand Finalist & top ten speaker - RVCE 2014 [BP]
Grand Finalist & 2nd best speaker - ILS 2015 [Asians]
Grand Finalist & 3rd best speaker - GNLU 2014 [BP]
Grand Finalist & 2nd best speaker - Xavier’s 2014 [BP]
Grand Finalist & 4th best speaker - GNLU 2013 [BP]
Semi Finalist & 7th best speaker - IIT Bombay 2016 [BP] >> Pro-Am team with younger woman debater
Semi-Finalist & Top 10 Speaker - IIT-Delhi 2014 [Asians]
Semi-Finalist & Top 10 Speaker - NUJS 2014 [Asians]
Semi-Finalist & Top 10 Speaker - VIT 2014 [BP]
Broke 9th on tabs at ABP 2011 [BP]
Core Adjudicator Elected for Asian British Parliamentary (ABP) 2018
Breaking Adjudicator WUDC 2016 Thessaloniki & 2017 Amsterdam (Quarter Finals Adjudicator (ESL), Open Pre-Octo Finals) [BP]; Nominated to equity team in 2017
Open Finals Chair & 6th Best Adjudicator, ABP Jakarta 2016, Indonesia [BP]; Nominated to equity team
Open Finals Adjudicator & 9th Best Adjudicator, UADC Thailand 2016, Thailand [Asians]; Nominated to equity team
Chief adjudicator at International Debate tournaments
Beijing Debate Challenge (BDC) 2017 [BP]
Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) Debate Open 2017 [BP]
Open Finals Adjudicator & 2nd Best Adjudicator, Malaysia Debate Open (MDO) 2016, Malaysia [Asians]
Open Finals Adjudicator & 1st Best Adjudicator, NTU DCs 2016, Singapore [Asians]
Open Finals Adjudicator & 10th Best Adjudicator, Tokyo NEAO 2016, Japan [BP]
Open Finals Adjudicator, Beijing Debate Challenge (BDC) 2016, China [Asians]
Chief adjudicator at several Indian National Debate tournaments (~40 to 65 teams) including:
NMIMS 2018 [AP]
St. Stephen’s MukMem Pro-Am [Modified BP]
RVCE 2018 [BP]
NLU – Jodhpur 2018 [AP]
COEP Pune 2018 [BP]
BITS Goa 2017 [BP]
IIM Indore 2017 [BP]
PEC 2017 [Asians]
Christ 2017 [Asians]
NLUO 2017 [BP]
GNLU 2016 [BP]
MSRM PD 2016 [BP]
SLS 2016 [BP]
SSE 2016 [BP]
ILS 2016 [Asians]
VIT Law 2015 [BP]
IWDC 2015 [BP]
Artem Disserendi 2015 [BP]
KNC 2015 [Asians]
NUALS 2014 [Asians]
Best Adjudicator SLS 2015 [BP]
2nd Best Adjudicator SMC 2015 [BP]
Grand Finalist Adjudicator IIT Bombay 2014 [BP]
Grand Finalist Adjudicator & Chair, Novice Finals, Nalsar 2013 [BP]
Grand Finalist Adjudicator and 3rd Best Judge IIT Bombay 2012 [BP]

Vineet George

Core Adjudicator at Mukarji Memorial ProAm Debate 2018, St Stephens College.
Core Adjudicator at Stella Maris College Debate 2017.
Winner of LSR Debate 2017.
Winner of National Law University Jodhpur Debate 2017.
Winner of BITS Pilani Debate 2017.
Winner of IIM Indore IV Debate 2016.
Winner of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law Debate 2015.
Finalist at Stella Maris College Debate 2016.
Finalist at Frank Thakur Das Debate 2016, hosted by Kirori Mal College.
Finalist at ILNU Debate 2016.
Semi-finalist at NLIU Bhopal Debate 2017.
Semi-finalist at Polemic Debate 2016, hosted by Ramjas College.
Semi-finalist at Shanti Narayan Debate 2016, hosted by Hansraj College.
Semi-finalist at CBS Debate 2016.
Semi-finalist at CBS Debate 2015.

Nikhil Iyer

Core Adj - Heritage 2018
Invited Adj - RVCE 2018
Winner-IIT Bombay 2018, CNLU 2018, Prologue 2017
Finalist- NLS 2018, IIT Bombay, 2017, Derozio 2016, NLUO PD 2017 & 2018, IIT Guwahati 2017, Heritage PD 2016
Semi-finalist- CNLU PD 2016
Quarter Finalist- MukhMem 2018, NALSAR 2017, Ashoka 2017, CBS 2016
Octo Finalist - Christ University 2018, NLU Delhi 2016, Jindal 2017
Octo Finalist - UADC Cambodia 2017

The Team

Prabhjot Singh Gill

Convener, IITG PD '19

Registration Fee

Team Registration

Rs 2400 per team

Adjudicator Registration

Rs 800 per person

Accommodation Charges

Rs 800 per head for 4 days


Best Speaker Award

Worth Rs. 12,000


Worth Rs. 80,000

Best Adjudicaor Award

Worth Rs. 12,000