This is a quadrant that sets Alcheringa apart. Far from the glitz and glamour associated with the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Alcheringa acts as the mouthpiece addressing various issues faced by our society. Alcheringa has initiated nationwide campaigns int he past, tackling raging issues such as AIDS awareness, Human Trafficking and Save the Gangetic Dolphin campaign. Some of the campaigns have also dealt with the issues faced by students, such as the JEE counselling Campaign.


Originated under the name "Bachpan" in 2011, Udaan is a social initiative taken by the students of IIT Guwahati which aims on delivering hope to those who never had the opportunity. It aims in the upliftment of the underprivileged through the conduction of various educational workshops and innovational programs.

During their vacations, students from IIT Guwahati and several other colleges conduct Udaan where they reach out to various underprivileged children from orphanages, villages and slums in their locality, and spare a weeekend to give flights to their hopes with the help of various documentaries, presentations, games and motivation. Udaan reached 52 cities across India in 2015. Our mission is to rewrite the pages of as few thousand lives that were thought to be too cheap to live. To reach out to them and to adorn their lives with some wonderful moments.

Desh ka Sandesh

This year UDAAN has taken up an initiative to reach the unheard corners of the nation, carrying greetings from the children to our soldiers. The campaign, known as “Desh Ka Sandesh”, aims to inspire the children by bridging them to the brave hearts

North east Unveiled

North East India is a microcosm of India with its on diversity in terms of Languages, Culture, Arts and Religion. There is a need to promote and unveil the true potential of this part of country. Our campaigns hits the nail on its head by promoting the shared identity and culture that this part of country shares with other part of the nation, by showcasing; through videos and posters the rich and diverse food and travel destinations and by running information campaigns to develop entrepreneurship and to remove stereotypes from the minds of general people about this part of country.