North East Unveiled Visit

North East India is a microcosm of India with its own diversity in terms of languages, culture, arts and religion. There is a need to promote and unveil the true potential of this part of country, which is still unexplored by many. Our campaigns hits the nail on its head by promoting the shared identity and culture that this part of country shares with other part of the nation, by showcasing, through videos and posters, the rich and diverse food and travel destinations and by running information campaigns to develop entrepreneurship and to remove stereotypes from the minds of general people about this part of country.

In alcheringa'16: Gamescape, The North East Social Entrepreneurship Summit and The North East Townhall Discussions were held under North East Unveiled.

In alcheringa'17: Eternal Sands. "Tour-de-NorthEast" & "North East Social Entrepreneurship Summit" were organised as under North East Unveiled. While "Tour-de-NorthEast" was an exhibition of the 8 north eastern states with exhibitions and performers from the North-Eastern States to promote the rich and diverse culture of North-East India, "North East Social Entrepreneurship Summit" aimed towards providing a platform for social entrepreneurs to share and discuss ideas that affect the North-Eastern states.

In alcheringa'18: Echoes of Innocence, "Pung Cholum" was organised during the opening ceremony of NE Unveiled'18 while "The North Eastern Expo" was organised during the festival, showcasing the performances & culture of the North East. In association with the Direcrtorate of Sericulture, Ministry of Tribal Affairs and NEZCC, The North Eastern Expo 2018 stood apart from its previous editions. With performances coming from different parts of the region, including a unique folktale performance from "The Wari" from "Octaves Foundation" and the all amazing "Tetseo Sisters" from Nagaland.

North East Social Summit Visit

North East Social Summit under the umbrella of North East Unveiled provides a platform for brainstorming, creating awareness and making India more informed of the social problems that North East India face.

We will have Social Innovators, young minds as students, researchers as well as people directly working on resolving the issue and the government officials at the same platform, making it a great place of innovation. This First edition of North East Social Summit is planned to address “Issue of Human Trafficking in North East India”.


Originated under the name "Bachpan" in 2011, Udaan is a social intiative taken by the students of IIT Guwahati which aims on delivering hope to those who never had the opportunity. It aims in the upliftment of the underprivileged through the conduction of various educational workshop and nnovational programs.

During their vacations, students from IIT Guwahati and several other colleges conduct Udaan where they reach out to various underprivileged children from orphanges, villages and slums in their locality, and spare a weekend to give flights to their hopes with the help of various documentaries, presentations, games and motivation. Udaan reached 52 cities across India in 2015. Our mission is to rewrite the pages of as few thousand lives that were thought to be too cheap to live. To reach out to them and to adorn their lives with some wonderful moments.

S Word

S Word is an intiative started by the Team of Alcheringa'15. This was focused on the taboo asociated with the word "SEX". A really great effort towards a more free and modern India.

Blood Donation Drive

Blood Donation Drive has been a large initiative of its kind in order to warfare against the loss of lives due to blood deficit. It was a step taken to encourage people to donate blood in order to prevent people from dying due to the unavailability of blood. In the previous editions of Alcheringa, with the support from IITG Hospital, the youthful souls were inspired to be a part of this noble cause and willingly contributed their part for the better future of the society.

JEE Counselling

The team of Alcheringa leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the issues faced by the society. Due to the confusion among students post JEE results due to a sea of choices in front of them, Alcheringa, in 2015, started JEE Counselling, an initiative to help the students from none other than the IITians themeselves.