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General Guidlines:

Participants are requested to report at least half an hour before each event at the event venue. Recorded music files required in some event should be submitted to the organizer of the event at least 1 hour before the event starts in a format compatible with Windows Media Player, preferably mp3 format. Any form of obscene, unacceptable behavior or language, vulgarity, on or off stage will lead to immediate disqualification of the team. Any kind of damage to the stage during the performance will lead to imposition of a hefty monetary penalty on the responsible team. Any kind of damage to the infrastructure of IIT Guwahati during the entire stay will also attract a penalty. Team Alcheringa will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the team during their stay in the campus. Judges decision will be final and binding on all participants in all events. Any complaints regarding judges, decisions will not be entertained. Organizers reserve the right to admission, right to change the rules and to change or cancel any event without any prior notice. Please notify us 5 days in advance of your scheduled arrival such that we can arrange for your travel to the campus. Faculty will be accommodated in separate rooms. All participants are required to carry their college identity cards or a bonafide certificate. Consumption of alcoholic drinks and/or narcotic drugs in the campus is strictly prohibited. Participants shall not enter the campus in intoxicated state and should not possess such materials. IIT Guwahati is strictly a no smoking zone.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Street Dance Battle

Streets where Moose started winning our hearts, where the real 'bounce' happened.
Alcheringa, gives you the chance to flaunt what you got. This event is all about people who want to do HipHop, free-styling, break dance, popping, locking, B-Boying, tutting, waving, threading and dance their hearts out.
If you think you can challenge the opposite group face to face then this event is for you. Two crews step it up and battle it out and make their way to the very top of the crowd. Time to make your opponent bite dust.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120


1. All accommodation will be done in various hostels of IITG, information of which will be given to you at the time of registration.
2. Accommodation charges applicable per person are as follows: A minimum of Rs. 600 will be charged for 4 days starting from 2nd Feb 2017-5th Feb 2017. An additional amount of Rs. 200 will be charged per day after the 4 days. NOTE: You will be charged the same amount if you reach before 2nd February.
3. Participants may be asked to deposit a security amount of Rs.100 which will be reimbursed on the last day only if there is no reported loss to the property of IIT Guwahati during your stay by any member of your college.
4. We suggest you to bring your basic requirements (like toothbrush, bed sheet, blankets etc.) for your stay in IITG.
5. Accommodation will be strictly on a first-come-firstserve basis.
6. The amount mentioned above DOES NOT INCLUDE MEALS.
7. Accommodation must be confirmed with the Hospitality Team beforehand before setting out your journey. In case the number of persons in a team exceeds the number provided to us by you earlier, the extra persons will be accommodated subject to availability. Any change in the number must be brought to the knowledge of Hospitality Team 2-3 days prior to arrival.
8. Alcohol / Drugs / Smoking are strictly prohibited inside the campus. Food arrangements will be done in the hostel’s mess where you will be staying. It will be available on a pay per meal basis. Alternatively, you can eat from food stalls all over the campus or from hostel canteens.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Travel Reimbursement

Team Size Two way reimbursement per person
21 and above 50%
16 to 20 40%
11 to 15 35%
6 to 10 30%
1 to 5 25%
1. All reimbursements will be made with respect to sleeper class train fare irrespective of the mode of transportation.
2. Teams must register themselves online at www.alcheringa.in before 30th January 2017 in order to avail the reimbursements.
3. If the number of team members increases without prior notice reimbursements will be made according to the original size of the team as per our database.
4. For teams traveling through split train journey, first the shortest distance that can be traveled by the team is calculated and the equivalent direct train sleeper class fare is calculated from the Indian railways website and the reimbursement is done accordingly.
5. All participants are required to submit the Xerox copy of their tickets along with their Accommodation Slip in order to avail any reimbursement.
6. Travel reimbursement will be done only on 5th February after 4pm. Participants leaving before that will not be eligible for travel reimbursement.
Example: If a 7 member team is travelling from Delhi (one way fare 400), each team member will be given 30% of the two way fare (i.e. 30% of Rs.800 = Rs.240).

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Solo Classical Dance Competition

This is what takes us to our roots.
Alcheringa strives to give Indian classical dancers a bigger and a better stage with each upcoming edition.
Prepare yourselves to witness some of the most intricate rhythms, footwork and spins to have graced this planet!
Navras is a platform that brings back to us a touch of our culture, our heritage.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Group Dance Video Competition

Gather your friends, dance up a storm and send us the video to win prizes worth INR 10K ! Performing in front of a crowd will earn you bonus points. The best entries will feature on our Page.


*These are the rules of Alcheringa 16.Rules may change and new events may add up for Alcheringa 17.

It is a freestyle group dance competition which can be performed in front of an outdoor audience.

The team should consist of minimum of five participants.

The entry has to be submitted online through the following link The length of the video should be between four to six minutes.

The video entry should showcase that it has been exclusively performed for Alcheringa for example a placard with Alcheringa written on it and can be kept in front while recording the video or you can stick a paper with Alcheringa written on it on your t-shirts.

The entries will be screened and best entries will be uploaded through our Facebook page.

Judging Criterion

The best performance shall be judged on the basis of following criterions 60% Weight-age will be given to the performance in the video.

30% Weight-age will be given to the reach of the video uploaded through our page ( Number of Likes and Shares )

10% Weight-age will be given for public performance.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Registrations will start in September