Campus Ambassador Program



Improve your Managerial and Communication skill set


Help build Alcheringa, by giving ideas and conducting City Eliminations


Prizes net Worth ₹200,000 to be won


Full waiver of travel expenses to Alcher*


Certificate commemorating your efforts*

Responsibilities as a CA

  • Publicize Alcher in your respective colleges
  • Be the part of fraternity organising Alcheringa, helping publicize alcher on social media and your college.
  • Give presentation to key clubs and social groups in your campus
  • Helping conduct City Elimination in respective cities.

Perks of Becoming a CA


  • Goodies and Alcher Merchandise Worth ₹ 2500
  • Discount Coupons at premium outlets
Top Campus Ambassadors
  • Chance to meet celebs
  • Top 10 Campus Ambassadors get Goodies and Merchandise worth ₹ 70,000

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Terms and Conditions

  • The Campus Ambassador program is only for College students
  • Certificate of Commemoration will only be given to Campus Ambassadors, if he/she fulfills the necessary criteria, deemed fit by the organiser.
  • Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati will be providing all the publicity material to the respective college, but will not be responsible for any extra cost incurred by the Campus Ambassador.
  • A Campus Ambassador is entitled to 100% travel reimbursement(sleeper class), only if he/she manages to conduct City Elimination or bring in a team of size 15 or more
  • Tri-weekly winners will be announced every 3 weeks, whereas the grand prize of top 10 Campus Ambassadors will be given during the festival itself.
  • Points may be reduced, depending on your acceptance or rejection of idea, POC’s and shares
  • Changes subjected to Team Alcher, however it will be notified through the portal, do check the portal from time to time.
  • A Maximum of 2 Campus Ambassadors from each college.