Modules & Events

Group Dance Competition: One of the signature events of Alcheringa, Electric heels is a group dance competition, featuring some of the most talented crews from all over the nation. Your team, your grooves, your beats, our arena. Are you up for the challenge?

Street Dance Battle: Why fight when you can dance? Introducing the most exhilarating, vigorous and effervescent face-off you can imagine! The mean and tough streets are unforgiving. Bring out your game face and show us what you got! Presenting Step Up, Dance face-off!

So You Think You Can Dance? Solo Non-Classical Dance Competition: “Everyday brings a chance for you to draw in a breath,kick off your shoes and dance.” Who will be the one? The champion? The one who thinks he can dance!

Doubles Dance Competition: Prepare your selves to witness some of the most intricate rythms, footwork and spins to have graced this planet!

Solo Classical Dance Competition: “Live your truth, Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dream.” Witness the passion, the chemistry and the adroitness in front of your own eyes; or better yet - be a part of this thrilling event as we welcome all!

Street Play Competition: The eloping beats of nagadas and dholkis filling the atmosphere with hysterical enthusiasm are sure to give one the dose of live action and stunts amidst a live crowd. The thunderous performances have questions that need to be answered, and answers that will leave you baffled. Halla Bol (Nukkad Natak), a form of theatre which aims at spreading social awareness with style!

Stage Play Competition:The plethora of expressions, diversity of unimaginable characters, red of the blood all to impress you! Actors from the region will enliven the stage and perform their hearts out to stand victorious in this tough clash of theatre-acting. Welcome to the Stage play competition!

Monologue Competition: Ever wonder how the prominent artists stands out. Try to be a self-sufficient actor who has the courage to move the crowd all by yourself.It is a one-man/woman show where only one person has to act. Mono acting refers to a single actor playing multiple roles. There is only one actor on stage during mono acting.

India's Largest English Rock Band Competition: As the shredding of the guitars and the beating of the drums picks up steam, heads bang along to the music. A highlight of the festival and an emblem of the talent suffused in the many faces in the crowd, this is one event to hold your breath for. Rock-O-Phonix, the holy grail of rock! The winner takes all..!

One of the most anticipated events of the year, brings you its own one-of-a-kind personality competition. Are you up for the challenge? Alcheringa awaits to accolade its next Mr. Alcheringa and Miss Alcheringa!

DJing Competition: “Music is How we speak without ever moving our Lips.” The masters of the mood, the creators of the music meet up on a stage to put on a show like no one else! Crossfade! The Battle of Djs.. Let the Music Speak!!

Multi Talent Solo Competition : “The entire world’s a stage”, they say. For the people who believe this, for the people with passion and obsession, we have the right stage for you! Do you have a flair towards the extraordinary? Be it comedy, mimicry, acting, magic or any quirky thing you are passionately curious about, we have the stage ready for you! Give the crowd and the judges the time of their lives.

Fashion Designing Competition: Ever felt so thunder seeing someone so immaculately dressed that you run out of cheers and words. Haute Couture, where the most glamorous people show off their skills as they walk the ramp, a fashion show evoking all those creative peeps to put on their thinking caps and come out with the most innovative theme-based fashion show.

Paper Dress Designing Competition: Design the best outfit for your friend using only paper. Use your origami and fashion skills to make the perfect dress!

Fashion Design and Photoshoot Competition: “Ever felt adrenaline rush seeing someone so immaculately dressed that you feel enchanted with theur beauty and turn speechless? Glamour Nova, where the most glamorous people show off their skills as they do elegant photoshoots at exotic locations of one of the most beautiful colleges in India - IIT Guwahati”

Hindi Rock Band Competition: Come witness an event where the flavors of each part of India find expression through some truly soulful music.

Acoustic Band Competition: Witness the notes being charged up without power, when Alcheringa brings an event without electrical amplification.

Solo Singing Competition: This event is for the lone wolves unafraid to showcase their unique voices. We call out to all the nightingales to soar high this Alcheringa. May the most melodious master prevail!

Group Singing Competition

Clay modelling Competition: Love to play with clay? This is your chance to make modelswith the help of clay

T-shirt Painting Competition

Face Painting Competition

Graffiti Designing Competition

Live Sketching Competition: The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a spider's web.

Rangoli Making Competition

Portrait Designing Competition

This shorter version of Football is your shot at glory and a chance for you to vindicate your love for the game. Held in one of the football hotspots of the country, this 5-on-5 competition will put your mettle and skills to test unlike any other. Come, play your best shot!

On that Sunday evening before supper at your friends place, or on that holiday you had with your cousins, or in between class when you had nothing better to do and sought a way to become the cynosure of the class, and before you lost your way in the winding alleys of studies, college and life, what did you do? You Arm-Wrestled! Alcheringa gives you a chance to redeem yourself and win your muscles’ worth.

This shorter version of Basketball is your shot at glory and a chance for you to vindicate your love for the game. Come, play your best shot!

This takes you to your childhood when you have played cricket in streets with your friends. Alcheringa gives you a chance to remember and cherish these child memories and again.

This shorter version of Volleyball is your shot at glory and a chance for you to vindicate your love for the game. Come, play your best shot!

Online Digital Painting Competition: Do you believe you can find a Van Gogh inside you without holding the tip of the brush against the paper? Here is your chance to blend the cursor onto the screen and make the big picture speak for itself. Set up your mood and composition and explore the translation of going from the analog to digital.

Online Doodle Designing Competition: You must have thought how a doodle artist would have started his creation, so this time we provide you a small element of a doodle and all you have to do is to complete that doodle (without editing the given element) from your own creativity.

Online Photo Contest: If you are the person who gives a thousand expressions in the same pose and likes getting pictures clicked of herself/himself, send us your best pictures and you may be honoured as the Alcher Diva or the Alcher Hunk of the year.

Online Face Expression Competition: Are you an expression king or queen?

Online Creative Writing Competition

Online Short Movie Making: Tired of the typical cinema?? Do you think that the time has arrived to come out of the clichéd movies and show the world what real movies are about? If you agree and want to show the world your direction skills, then the stage is set for you to bring a change by depicting your ideas with the help of this movie making competition.

Online Photo Contest: In this digitalised world of today, the best way to make memories is to get clicked. Photography is one of the finest art of present world. Let’s cherish this art via the online photography competition Snapthrillz. From amateurs to professional photographers, every photography lover can participate.

Just A Minute: “Talking for 60 sec doesn’t sound like a difficult task , does it? Well think again”. JAM is a extempore event wherein your fluency in spoken English will be put to test. Preliminary round is a written round wherein you are required to ask the questions that test your ingenuity and how well can you get around the situation. There will be multiple rounds where you need to speak flawlessly and leave the floor to interjecting participants.

Shayari Competition

Do you feel the urge to speak up at every issue, do a logic check at every fact, present it with your own reasoning and stand for it till the end…? Wait no more, Alcheringa gives you an opportunity to let speak your words.

Poetry and Performance

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