The annual cultural extravaganza of IIT Guwahati

The Largest Cultural Festival of North-East India

Alcheringa is the annual cultural festival of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati. Started in 1996 by a group of students, Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati has now become one of the biggest college level cultural events in Asia. Spread over 3 days and 4 nights, Alcheringa attracts people from all over the world with its spectacular events and competitions. The coming edition of Alcheringa strives to be the greatest till date!. It is scheduled to be held from 31st January 2019 to 3rd February 2019.

Latest Updates

Notifications regarding the latest events and news regarding Alcheringa 2019

2 November

Registrations for events of Alcheringa 19 begins!



26 October

Jaipur City Eliminations scheduled on 27th October



25 October

Bhopal City Eliminations on 26th October



14 October

Results for New Delhi City Eliminations announced



7 October

New Delhi and Lucknow City Eliminations successful



5 October

New Delhi City Eliminations on 6th October



27 September

Lucknow City Eliminations on 30th September



10 September

Registration for workshops are now open!



09 September

IIT Guwahati Parliamentary Debate website is live.



Alcher through the ages

A look into the past editions of the Eternal Dreamtime.


Echoes of Innocence

‘Desh ka Sandesh’ under the umbrella of Udaan: Giving Flight to Hopes was started to connect the children to our audacious soldiers.


Eternal Sands

S-Word Series was organised to educate the general public about the taboos associated with the word 'SEX' and all its implications; Two Bollywood Nights were held for the first time, Javed Ali & Sajid-Wajid.



North East Unveiled, an initiative to promote the culture, integrity and traditions of 8 states of North East with an ideology to bridge the gap between North East India and rest of India, was started. The North East Social Entrepreneurship Summit and The North East Townhall Discussions were held.


Magnum Opus

JEE Counselling Programme was started to help in guiding the students from none other than IITians themselves and MUSE, an initiative to promote & culture creativity, was started.


Parallel Paradise

City Auditions were organised for the first time.


Redefining Awesomeness

Udaan: Giving Fights to Hope, the social initiative for the underprivileged children was started as ‘Bachpan: Setting Innocence Free’.


Revel in Retro

Alcheringa launches the ‘Save the Gangetic Dolphin’, an initiative to save the endangered species, also making it Alcher’08’s mascot; Mr. & Miss Final Year is organised for IITG students.



Alcheringa goes international, hosts first International concert.


Social Campaigns

Alcheringa starts its first campaign, AIDS Awareness Campaign & organises the first Khadi fashion show, scripted by fashion designer, Prashant Ghosh.


Yin and Yang

The concept of 4 pro-nites was introduced.


The Birth

The idea to organise IIT Guwahati’s cultural festival was born over a dinner party.