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Alcher on the move

Alcheringa is not just about IIT Guwahati. It is indeed a lot more. And letting the crowd of our home-town feel the heat is something that we desire to achieve. Spreading smiles and excitement in every nook and corner of the city is our motto. With such thoughts in mind, we take the fest to Guwahti, we take the fest to you. Come January, and you can feel the Alcher buzz in the air in the city of Guwahati. Just to turn the heat up, students from IIT Guwahati show up at the funkiest landmarks of the city and go crazy with the city folks! 21 years it has been since the city accepted us as one of its own. 21 years of shared fun and achievements. We intend to keep the legacy going. Alcher on the Move is an extravaganza of its own, connecting Guwahati with Alcheringa like never before! Let's spread the cheer!!!

Street Dance Battle

Streets where Moose started winning our hearts, where the real 'bounce' happened.
Alcheringa, gives you the chance to flaunt what you got. This event is all about people who want to do HipHop, free-styling, break dance, popping, locking, B-Boying, tutting, waving, threading and dance their hearts out.
If you think you can challenge the opposite group face to face then this event is for you. Two crews step it up and battle it out and make their way to the very top of the crowd. Time to make your opponent bite dust.

World Carnival

We bring the world to Alcheringa! Talented artists from all around the globe come to be a part of the extravaganza. An attempt at bringing the folklore of the entire planet together, the World Carnival is one of our prime attractions as the crowd gets to see multi-faceted performances by foreign artists. The crowd is left in awe as they perform, dance, weave together notes of soulful music and spark magic. Fun and frolic; joy and smiles all around, the 'ooh's of ecstasy and the 'aah's of surprise, these are the emotions sweeling up in the campus as the night approaches and the world carnival takes over. Functioning as the link between the events during the day and the concerts after sunset, the World Carnival is undoubtedly another young, but a very integral addition to the very soul of Alcheringa!!! Come over, be amazed by the world!

City Auditions

Geographical and political borders are no boundaries for us as we attempt to hunt for talent throughout the nation. Alcheringa visits the major suburbs of the country looking for hidden gems and to provide them with a stage toperform and excel in their art form. The initiative assists us in unearthing the best from the nook and corners of the country, and also provides a small source of entertainment for people of those cities. We are slowly but steadily spreading our wings all across the country as one of the most exciting platforms for talented young people. City Auditions are expeted to move into newer places every surpassing year. So, wait for us. We are coming to you!!!

Online entries

Alcheringa organises quite a few online events along with the entire extravaganza taking place in the campus from 2nd to 5th of Feb 2017. Alcheringa is not just about those four days of eternal dreamtime. We are about culture and opportunity for expression of one's talents. Hence, the online events present one and all to present their talents in areas of Photography, Videography, Literature, Music, and of course the Digital Arts. Hence, the participants interested in these particular events can submit their entries at alcheringa.in/entries. Apart from taking in entries for the online events, we also conduct online auditions for a few events, entries for which have to be submitted at the same link. The events being Raga High, Unplugged, Crossfade, Mr. & Ms. Alcheringa, and Roadiez.

General Championship

Winning an individual title feels good, but there is no joy as ecstatically wonderful as jumping up and down in tandem with a team after having won a cup is a feeling that can be compared to none other. Alcheringa provides your team with a chance at eternal glory. Contribute to your team with individual awards, and at the very end it might be you, posing for that photograph with a trophy in your hands! General Championship, Alcheringa is a title awarded to the team that has performed the best throughout the fest. Battle it out with over 400 colleges across India for the ultimate honor... Each event is allotted certain bounties as follows
400 bounties
• Electric Heels
• Theatrix
• Haute Couture
• Raga High

300 bounties
• Step Up
• Halla Bol
• 5on5 Football
• Unplugged

200 bounties
• So You Think You Can Dance
• Nach Baliye
• Voice of Alcheringa
• Mute
• 3Vs3 BasketBall
• Gully Cricket

100 bounties
• Navras
• Act Out Loud

1)The online registrations for gc will start from mid september-visit www.alcheringa.in/registrations.
2)For a team to be able for the general championship,it should have registered in events worth a total of at least 600 bounties.
3)A team registering in gc will have to upload link of their performance(can be a video /audio/clip/pic[depending on the event])-for each event they register in.
4)The minimum team size for gc should be 15 and they should take accommodation at Alcheringa.
5)Depending on the performances of different teams,there will be a leaderboard showing the rankings.
1)Based on the link they have uploaded,they will be awarded points out of 100.
2)No relative grading will be done.
1)Provided that the team have already participated in the PRE-FEST round,it should participate in the events they registered for,on the registration portal
2)Based on their performances during the fest,they will be alloted bounties.Based on these bounties and the points they obtained in the PREFEST round,a final leaderboard will be created.
Events worth 400 bounties: 1st position: 400 2nd position: 200
Events worth 300 bounties: 1st position: 300 2nd position: 150
Events worth 200 bounties: 1st position: 200 2nd position: 100
Events worth 100 bounties: 1st position: 100 2nd position: 50
1. After completion of all events the team which is on the top of the leaderboard takes home the general championship trophy.
2. The winning team will be honoured with the General Championship Trophy on Day-3 Pronite.
3. Prizes worth 20,000 INR to be won

Registrations will start in September