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        "Music" the word in itself is one complete mode of 
         communication, a medium for the expressions. There 
         is no one nowhere who can ever describe what music 
         is. For some it is rock and roll, for some it is Metal, 
         for some it is the Blues. Music in itself has no bounds 
         no definitions. As Friedrich Nietzsche would say 
         "Without music, life would be a mistake."

Hindi Band Competition

A harmonium or a keyboard, a guitar or a tanpura, hindi music has always been a sublime confluence of musical influences from all over the the country. Come and let the pleasant Classical, the eclectic Pop and the divine Sufi bring out the best in you. Mesmerize the world with the power in your music!



1. This round involves online submission. A band will have to submit a link to their songs. Further instructions and the submission link will be uploaded on our website (www.alcheringa.in). Offline submission will not be considered.

2. Vocals of the songs should only be in Hindi.

3. Each band should consist of a minimum of 3 members.

4. Each band should consist of a minimum of 1 vocalist.

5. Top 7 teams from the prelims shall qualify for the finals.


1. The 7 qualified teams will be invited to Alcheringa 2017 and will be given an opportunity to perform in front of a huge crowd.

2. Each team will be given a total time of 25 minutes (which also includes stage setup time).

3. Performance must include one original composition of at least 3 minutes.

4. A drum kit will be provided by us to the finalists.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Solo Singing Competition

Haven't you been waiting for that one opportunity to show the world just how awesome a singer you could be? Then "Voice of Alcheringa" is just for you! A solo singing competition which sees the participation of over a hundred talented voices every year, Voice of Alcheringa is one of the most sought after events in Alcheringa. Whether you are a bathroom singer or a rockstar, if you think you have it in you to mesmerize the world with your voice, alcheringa provides you one of the biggest opportunities to establish yourself!



1. The participant has to perform any one song of his/her choice. The song must only be in Hindi or English.

2. One acoustic instrument is allowed but judging will be solely done on the basis of vocal performance.

3. Participants are not allowed to use any kind of pre-recorded music for this round.

4. Maximum performance time for this round is 3 minutes.

5. Top 10 percent of total number of candidates from this round will qualify for the finals.

6. Special wild-card entries will be chosen from different parts of the fest so be on a look out, you might just land a direct entry into the finals!


1. For this round, the contestants have to choose and prepare a song beforehand from the list of songs that has been attached herewith and will also be uploaded on our website (www.alcheringa.in) well in advance.

2. The selected candidates will perform their selected song along with pre-recorded music, which will be provided to them by the organizers.

3. Maximum performance time for this round will be 10 minutes.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Acoustic Competition

Witness the notes being charges up with power, as Alcheringa brings an event without electrical amplification.


1. Participants can use any instrument of their choice provided they are acoustic.

2. Vocals are compulsory. The judging will be on the overall performance and not just on the instrumental performance.

3. Mikes, one acoustic guitar and a keyboard will be provided.

4. Participants must confirm availability of the instruments in advance with the event organizers.

5. A drum set will not be provided by Alcheringa. Participants are encouraged to use alternate percussion


6. Participation can be solo or in a team. Maximum team size is 3.


1. Participants are allowed to perform for a minimum of 3 and maximum of 7 minutes.

2. Top 5 participants/teams will qualify for the finals.


1. Participants/Teams will be given 10 minutes of performance time and 3 minutes of setup time. Participants/Teams should perform at least 2 songs in the given time.

**Subject to change depending on the participation number.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Registrations will start in September