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        "To stop or start wars, words are enough." -Socrates 
         Anyone can take the easy way out, but respected is the person 
         who attempts the impossible. Alfaaz gives you a splendid 
         opportunity to do just that, to make unforgettable memories 
         and gain valuable experience. Just hop on stage with all the wit 
         and wisdom you can muster. It's the time to take toss away 
         hesitation and let go of all inhibitions. If you have what it takes 
         to numb the audience, the charm to mesmerize them and the 
         confidence to set their eyes rolling, then fasten your seat-belts 
         and climb on board as we take you on a journey that promises 
         to unleash the writer within.

Extempore Competition

"Talking for sixty second doesn't sound like a difficult task, does it? Well think again".
JAM is an extempore event wherein your fluency in spoken English shall be put to test. Preliminary round is a written round wherein you will be required to ask questions that test your ingenuity and how well can you get around a situation. There will be mu ltiple consequent rounds where you need to speak flawlessly, or leave the floor to interjecting participants.


Online registration is strongly encouraged although on the spot registration is available.

Entries limited to 125 people.

The participants are invited, in rotation, to speak for one minute on a given subject.

You are supposed to speak fluently without any "hesitation, repetition or deviation" i.e. hesitation, repetition, stuttering, lisp, grammatical errors. In case of any such mistakes, other participants can "JAM" and start speaking.

The first person to JAM gets to speak.

You get points for each correct interjection or "JAM".

The participant speaking at the end of 1 minute gets an extra point. Each round is for 5 minutes i.e. 5 subjects will be taken up in each round.

The participant with the most points at the end of the round will move on to the next round.

In case of a tie, the participant with the most JAMs goes through. If the tie is not resolved, a coin toss will be used.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Poetry Reciting Competition

Poetry and performance. U always thought these were like oil and water, right? Not anymore. Alcheringa 2016 brings to you 'Poetry Slam'. We are calling all the fans of the spoken word to come and be a part of this event being held for the first time in the history of Alcheringa.


Languages allowed: English, Hindi and Assamese.

Points are given for content and performance.

The number of rounds will be based on the number of participants.

The maximum number of rounds that can be held is 6.

The time-limit is 4 minutes.

No props or musical instruments are allowed.

No background music allowed other than the music you can make from your own body.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

About Parliamentary Debate

It is an Academic Debate Event


The rule followed will be '3 on 3' parliamentary style of debating. Each team will comprise of three speakers and one adjudicator. Standard UADC rules will be followed.

Click here for standard UADC rule.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Journalism competition

"The nation wants to know!" Always dreamt about doing this? Are you one of those people who always wished to uncover a huge story which no one knew about? Do you want to be a real life Tintin? Then this competition is for you. Fans of detective journalism or simply detective fiction, put on your thinking caps. Press corps is here.


1. Online Registration is highly recommended. On spot registrations will also be available.

2. Only 2 participants per team.

3. Each team will have to submit 5 newspaper articles in the following fields: International affairs, Sports, Business, Indian politics, "Surprise category".

4. The details for the surprise category will be given at the start of the competition.

5. Each interview will be recorded. Misquoting a source will lead to the gain of negative points.

6. Each interview will be for 15-20 minutes.The exact time limit will be announced before the start of the event.

7. The teams will get 3 hours to submit their articles.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Online Creative Writing Competition

It's been too long. You've forgotten what you should've remembered, and you remember what you shouldn't have. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside.
Let me share a secret with you. There is nothing to writing. You just have to sit to your desktop and bleed. For all your untold stories and verses we bring to you zephyr. This is an opportunity one simply doesn't miss.


This event includes two categories:

1. Short fiction

2. Poetry

Participants need to submit their entries through online form available onDire the website (www.alcheringa.in)

Language: English, Hindi.

You can take part in both categories but only one entry per category is allowed.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Model United Nation

Have you ever seen politicians squabble on TV, and thought to yourself, "I could do a much better job, if only I had this kind of power"? IITG MUN gives you the chance to see for yourself.

The United Nations Organization (UNO/UN) is an international body designed to facilitate dialogue between nations. The topics under deliberation vary widely; from managing the economy to preventing war, from empowering women to protecting the environment - essentially, any issue that can be mitigated or settled by a governmental policy.

The UN comprises of multiple committees, each geared towards addressing a certain variety of issues; for example, The United Nations Security Council deals with threats to international peace. Each committee has a list of member nations, and each nation on the list is invited to send one representative, called a delegate, to express the views of his or her nation within that committee.

The MUN, or The Model United Nations, is a simulation of the actual UN. Participants pretend to represent a nation, and come together to discuss the very same issues being debated upon in the UN. This gives a normal person the opportunity to know what it's like to stand for something more than him/herself, and to experience the complicated verbal dance that politicians and delegates take part in every day.

The MUN is a conclave for ideation by the fresh minds of our nation, to brainstorm solutions to problems plaguing our world. Participants learn to work through the tenuous relationships between nations as they deliberate towards a resolution - and they get to look nice in a suit and tie while they do it.



1. As a Delegate

2. As an Executive Board Member

Every committee is overseen by a group of two to four people called the executive board.

This group functions as a mediator or invigilator, to ensure that the discussion remains on topic, and to settle any issues between dele 42 gates that interfere with the course of debate.

3. As an International Press Member

Just like there is media coverage of UN meetings, there is mock media coverage of MUN meetings.

It is the job of the International Press to report as well as question and comment upon the proceedings taking place within the commit- tee walls. In doing so, it may very well alter the direction of the debate.


The participant applications will be out three months before the conference commences.

All applications will be web-based and will be available on the website (www.iitgmun.org).

The agendas of the committees will be communicated before the applications are opened.

The Rules of Procedure and Background Guides will be made avail- able a month in advance of the conference

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Registrations will start in September