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Class Apart

        Who are you amidst that sea of strangers? Are you the rock
         music fanatic whose ears are tuned to the sound of the electric
         guitar and feet tap rhythmically to the loud beats of the drum?
         Are you the one who wishes to rise above the rest, become
         identified from among the unknown and crowned as the face 
         of the crowd? Do you think you have it in you to walk that 
         ramp with your head held high, incorporating your ideas and 
         innovations into that perfect fashion phenomenon you wish the 
         world to witness? Are you the one who likes to turn heads with 
         your expertise at the turn table as you mix up the some hip 
         melodies? Do you think the facade that you put up for others 
         to see is enough to take fool them all and make you see victory?

Rock Band Competition

When we say we get some of the best rock bands in the country, we aren't kidding. Alcheringa presents you the Holy Grail of Rock... the winner takes all!


General Guidelines:

Explicit or offensive lyrics/gestures guarantee immediate expulsion from the stage.

Booze/drugs/smoke are strictly not allowed in campus.

Decisions of judges will be final and binding.

Bands are encouraged to bring their own gear/add-ons. Only drum kit and sound arrangements will be provided by the organizers.

Top 30 bands from all over the nation will be invited to perform at Alcheringa'15 Magnum Opus and battle for the prize money worth 2.5 Lacs.


1. You will be given a total time of 30 minutes which includes stage setup and sound check.

2. Exceeding the given time will lead into penalty.

** Top six bands out of the 30 will be selected for Finals:


1. A total performance time of 45 minutes will be given including sound-check.

2. The performance must include atleast ONE original composition with a minimum duration of 3 minutes.

3. Exceeding the given time will lead into penalty.

** There will be points for originality.

You are requested to book your tickets at the earliest and send us a confirmation regarding the same.

Stay tuned to our facebook page for further updates! https://www.facebook.com/rockophonix

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Fashion Designing Competition

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"
- Rachel Zoe

Design to enamour. Dress to thrill. Showcase the glamour. Let your beauty mesmerize and mystify. You are the queen of the runway. Ooze sexiness and class with every step. The spellbounding allure, the raised temperatures, the stunning models, the breathtaking ramp-walks and the magnificent attires. Witness the grandeur nuance of vogue under Haute Couture.




PRELIMS THEME: Festooned With Fiction

Art Decade, Fictional Characters, from books or movies. Base your design on this theme and incorporate fiction artistically. The design of the fictional characters and how well it goes with the other parts of the costumes is also important. Not following the theme disqualifies the team immediately.

FINALS THEME: This round is theme-less. That is to say, teams can decide their own themes that they will not declare beforehand. After their performance, they can declare it, and then judges may decide the quality of the performance. Alternatively, the teams can go without a theme and say so after they have performed.

Judging Criteria

1) Collection design and finish: 70%

2) Concept or Vision: 30%

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Personality Contest

"Hide not your talents, they for use were made, What's a sundial in the shade?"

It's all about the title! Those who don't wish to be just a part of the floating crowds in Alcheringa get the taste of royalty through this battle of talent, spontaneity, grace and beauty. The stakes are high and the competition tough but when it comes to these titles, everything is worth fighting for!


Registration form must be completely filled along with a recent colored photograph and the decision of the organizers will be considered final and binding in all matters.

Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their replies to the questionnaire, for the Prelims, which you can find at our website www.alcheringa.in


Round 1: Ramp walk cum Short introduction.

Round 2: Talent Round.

Round 3: Common Question Round.


Participant should wear a single dress of his/her choice.

Round 1: Ramp Walk.

Round 2: Talent Round.

Round 3: Surprise Round.

Round 4: Situation-reaction Round.

Round 5: Judges Question Round.

The details about the Surprise round will be provided at a later stage. Contact the organizers regarding this.

The minimum age limit for this competition is 16 years.

Requirements of any sort must be informed well before-hand both for prelims and finals.

Any music or video file must be submitted to the organizers well in advance.

The file name should have the format ParticipantName_ MrandMissAlcher. Eg 'GulshanChauhan_MrandMissAlcher.mp3'

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

DJing Competition

As the twilight falls, the sky turns dusky. The sun has played the trick, dusk is an illusion. Now the populace turns to you, for now it's for you to set the groove. Keep the trick going.The stage is set, the beats are yours, enthrall, enchant, enrapture! Become the masters of the mood, the creators of the melody.You are the puppeteer to whose rhythm they swings, to whose music they jump and to whose creation they jump. Amidst all this adulation, watch out for the coveted honor of being crowned the best. Become your idols, realize who you are, mix it and shake it in this edition of Crossfade-the DJ Contest.



2. Each mix should not exceed 7 minutes. It should be of minimum 5 minutes.

3. The mix should contain at least 3 genres of music. For example, Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, House, etc.

4. The mix should have your own voice recorded in it somewhere to ensure that you made the mix. Ensure that it does not spoil the flow of the song and the decision of the organizers will be final and binding in all matters.

5. Stick to the languages that most people know (English, Hindi and Punjabi), though a little local mix would be entertained

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Alcheringa's Own version of Popular TV Show - Roadies

You trade in your reality for a role. You trade your sense for an act. You let go your freedom , the ability to feel , in exchange put a mask. And just when you look forward to seal the victory it hits you. You have been doomed. You always tried to fit in. But this game was for the misfits.That's not the end of it. You get back with every ounce of your energy. You stretch you shrink, you do everything to prove your mettle, to charm the populace. And then there is an applause, the crowd seals it for you. You are ecstatic. You are crowned the olive wreath. It is you who creates and you who destroys, so decide which path to follow, and the mental tenacity to conquer everything mother earth has in store for you this winter. Strategy, Scheming, Trudging ahead, Hop in, and let us know what it is you are made of?


The game is divided into three basic stages.


All candidates are screened on the basis of their answers to the questionnaire which is available on our website (www.alcheringa.in) and only 20 participants qualify for the next round.


The selected candidates are asked to perform a series of challenging tasks to identify who can walk the talk.


Five candidates selected from the previous rounds are tested for personality and appeal, as the auditorium filled with three thousand people heckle every move you make. Only the real roadie survives this round.

Contact Us

Himanshu:- +91-8721931609
Pingal:- +91-9678755120

Registrations will start in September